Our overseas volunteer: Sushana Ullah

Ms.Sushana Ullah from University of California, Los Angels taught at our Free English Class (FEC) center at Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. She taught the students basic English and spent time with each student individually to help their personal needs. Ms.Ullah made it a point to spend maximum time individually with each student to enhance their speaking skills.

Ms.Ullah, also lectured the NFE teachers of AAMF on English grammar skills on 18 and 24 January 2012. Forty teachers attended the class. All the teachers liked her classes. Her lectures were very interactive. Through the use of personal anecdotes and humility she was able to create a very special bond between herself and the teachers.

Our first overseas volunteer

Ms Olga Platteschor from Tarragona, Spain worked as a volunteer at AAMF at the Vasant Gaon center. She is a talented teacher. During her interactions with our children, Olga stimulated their intellectual curiosity and encouraged them to express their own thoughts and ideas. The children became attached to her and have great regard for her.

During her visit, Olga made a presentation for the teachers of AAMF. She taught the basic structures of English grammar and gave them tips to make the classes interactive, interesting and enjoyable. She also taught the teachers how to deal with special children. The session was very useful and helped our teachers immensely.

Olga promises to be back with us very soon and we are already looking forward to her next visit!