Workshop on AIDS – 28th March 2002

AIDS awareness amongst these people was almost nil. Only a few ladies who had attended our previous workshop had an idea about it. Through this workshop they were given an insight of the pros and cons of this disease and how this is passed on. This was demonstrated with the help of a video recorded cassette.

Clay Moulding – 16th March 2002

The art of Clay Moulding was a session of complete excitement and expressing for the children. They were to work on their imaginations and create different shapes of animals, houses etc.

Workshop on Health and Hygiene – 11th March 2002

With the growing need to educate people on Health issues, this workshop was organized with PSS. The discussion contained details regarding Prevention of common diseases, Personal Hygiene, Control of hazards in general environment and to make a nutritional diet with green vegetables and dals etc. Also importance was given to derive maximum nutritional value from locally available inexpensive food products.

Educational trip to India Gate and Children’s Park – 8th March 2002

This was in real terms a “Children’s Day Out”. Organized for the children of the Non-Formal Education Center of AAMF. This trip was a big entertainment at the Children’s Park where it became difficult to get the children moving out from there. India Gate being the historic place was of great admiration to them.

Workshop on Life Excell – 17th Jan. 2002

Along with PSS, AAMF conducted this workshop to solve the day-to-day problems that a family goes through. With long discussions along with the ladies, they were given consultations on self-development through awareness in today’s world. More concentration in their work and to enhance abilities on decision-making and problem solving. Effective communication and creative thinking were stressed on for improvement in their households.

Poem and Story Telling – 16th Jan. 2002

As a part of our talent search activities amongst the children of AAMF, the staff had conducted a Story and Poem telling competition for the children of our Non-Formal Education Center.

Hepatitis B Camp

In association with Binamra Education and Charitable Society, we organized this first to create awareness and then the dosage. The dosage is given in three slots. The first was given on the 16th Dec. 2001 and the second on the 13th Jan. 2002. A special concession rate was given for the children of AAMF. The third and final dosage would be given in June 2002.  

1st Foundation day Celebrations – 8th Jan. 2002

With our donors as the Chief Guests, AAMF celebrated its 1st Foundation Day with great pride and happiness. The children performed an excellent learning of their talents under the guidance of their teachers. All the year’s performers were awarded prizes.

Card Making – 21st Dec. 2001

A session for making the New Year Cards was organized. These cards made by the children were sent to all associated with AAMF with wishes for the very best for the year ahead.

Cut & Paste Workshop – 16th Nov. 2001

The children were provided with colored paper of different shapes. Through demonstrations from their teacher, they were taught to give meaningful design. Such workshops help in developing the child’s creative skills and teaches them to work in groups and teams.

Children’s Day Celebrations – 13th Nov. 2001

14th being a holiday for Diwali, Children’s Day was celebrated with the main aspect of development in children. Lots of competitions were conducted amongst them and were briefed on hard work with honesty. The Do’s and Don’t of burning crackers on Diwali – The Festival of Lights, were made aware to the most excited children.

Workshop on Safe Motherhood – 17th Oct. 2001

Two-way communication was seen to be at its peak during this workshop. Cleanliness and safety being the most important factors during pregnancy, the expectant mothers had loads of conceptions to be clarified. Right from the 1st month till the post-natal care were discussed. The most important things at all stages were: Personal Cleanliness, Proper hygienic food, Clothing and baby care
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